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Custom Equine Nutrition

Custom Equine Nutrition is a family run business located in the green mountains of Vermont. The company started when the owner; Nicole, was doing nutrition consultations for horse owners, stable managers, and veterinary referrals.  She kept running into the same problem; there were no commercial supplements on the market that would come close to balancing the minerals in client's hay.  Client's feed rooms looked like a chemistry lab...a pinch of copper, a scoop of magnesium and so on.  Those who boarded their horse needed to premix containers of minerals to make things easier for the barn workers.  Nicole felt there had to be more convenient way. The solution was to formulate an all-in-one product that provided clients with what their horses needed with only one scoop.  This product is called Vermont Blend and is now widely used across the United States and recommended by farriers and veterinarians.  They are also proud to be a Certified Green Business and have been featured by the Green Business Bureau. Some of their sustainable practices include...

- Running on solar power.

- Efficiency Vermont Energy Assessment and Audits.

- Upcycle of empty product bags for packaging material.

- All paper is shredded, composted, or upcycled as horse bedding.

- Product pallets are returned for re-use.

Custom Equine Nutrition’s goal is to provide owners with nutritional information that is backed by science, not opinion. A company who cares about your horse’s nutrition as much as you do.






Equilox International Inc. specializes in equine horse hoof adhesives. Developed in 1988 after many trials and extensive research at leading universities and equine centers throughout the U.S., the Equilox Adhesive Hoof Repair System was originally used to treat competitive horses. Now, Equilox Adhesive is used by farriers, equine centers, and horse owners — as well as various zoo and wildlife centers — throughout the world.




Meader Supply

Meader Supply Corporation was founded mainly out of frustration at not being able to find the products we wanted and at the quality we demanded for our herd of registered Belgian Draft Horses. Consequently, our tack and harness products represent the finest in craftsmanship, many produced by superior Amish craftsmen, hardworking family-owned farms and businesses in small communities across America where quality and hard work are a way of life. You do not pay extra for the quality, as we work at eliminating the middleman. You will find our products priced to fit your budget.

We have a complete and extensive line of quality farrier products. Everything you need to shoe horses. From tools and aprons to shoes, nails and much more, we have the most up-to-date of what the farrier world has to offer. We are proud to be the largest farrier supply store in New England, serving farriers all across the country.

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Markel Insurance

Markel Insurance

Markel has over 50 years of expertise in insuring horses and horse-related businesses. Firmly committed to the horse industry, many of our associates were horse owners long before they became involved in the insurance industry. They know first-hand the passion shared by horse owners. They are true "horse people" who represent the commitment that makes the Markel difference. Markel's farrier insurance is specifically designed to protect you against claims arising out of bodily injury or property damage caused by farrier work you have performed, whether on or off your premises. Visit for more information, or call us at 1.800.446.7925.

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Victory Racing Plate

Victory Racing Plate

VICTORY – the standard of equestrian excellence worldwide since 1929.

2022 marks the 93rd anniversary of The VICTORY Racing Plate Company! We are proud of our heritage as industry innovators and proud of our leadership role in the sport horse industry. In 1929, VICTORY proved that aluminum is a viable material to replace steel racing plates and in 1988, VICTORY proved again that aluminum could replace steel shoes for many sport horses by introducing the ELITE Competition Shoe product line. VICTORY’s product family includes: HOOF-LIFE hoof support and repair materials; Victory horseshoe nails; Victory steel training and harness racing plates; TRUE-FLITE, Thera-Flex and Hoof Shield hoof pads.




Broadline Farrier Solutions

Developed by farriers who realized there had to be a better way to shoe horses.

Hanton Horseshoes has revolutionized the glue on application system and given farriers endless possibilities when it comes to gluing on shoes. Our patented tab and blister system has developed into a wide range of products that has become the most efficient way to glue on horseshoes. Whether you are in the shed row at the racetrack, heading down the trail, jumping fences, or preparing for a barrel race, Hanton Horseshoes have you covered. They are available in both steel and aluminum shoes that are ready to be shaped and modified to fit the needs of each specific horse. Hanton horseshoes also offer steel and aluminum tab kits to give farriers the freedom to weld our tabs onto any shoe they prefer, allowing any horseshoe under the sun the ability to be glued on with the Hanton system. We are proud to say that our products stand the test of time, can be hit fit & reset, require the least amount of glue and are preferred by farriers, veterinarians, and equestrians all over the world.

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American Farriers Journal

American Farriers journal

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