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About Everything You Need To Know About Laminitis:

Everything You Need To Know About Laminitis combines three leading-edge reports offering practical approaches to dealing with various causes of laminitis. These valuable resources will prepare and equip you with the critical knowledge necessary to diagnose, treat and prevent any laminitis case you encounter this spring

This special package includes


Laminitis: What You Need To Know (40 pages)
This leading-edge report offers 40 pages of practical approaches to dealing with laminitis, gleaned from the wisdom of top farriers, equine veterinarians and laminitis researchers. Arm yourself with the latest tips, tricks and techniques for dealing with laminitis concerns. Consider keeping this report in your rig as an on-the-spot reference!


Laminitis Lessons! (16 pages)
In this 16-page report, veteran farrier Randy Luikart and equine veterinarian Ken Keckler evaluate seven sets of hoof models that illustrate the most common laminitic concerns you'll face. Follow along and take notes as they discuss treatment options, expectations for recovery and the time needed to get these horses back to a more normal condition.


Laminitis And Heart Bar Shoes (BONUS! Available for instant download upon purchase)
This highly informational reprint of a 1984 research paper presented at the American Association of Equine Practitioners' annual meeting is as valid today as it was years ago. You'll find immensely-valuable information on all aspects of laminitis:

  • Early detection
  • Proper diagnosis
  • Treatment using heart bar shoes
  • Answers to the 20 most common laminitis questions
  • And much more!