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4 Strategies For Effective Hoof-Care

4 Strategies eBook Cover

Developing successful strategies for effective footcare requires answers to tough questions that can be answered only through experimentation, persistence and knowledge gained through years in farriery. How can farriers overcome common hoof-care concerns like long-toe and underrun heel? What are the best approaches to resolve distortion and related lameness when trimming shoes? How can farrier and veterinarian relationships impact hoof-care? What can be done to ensure that healthy horses and happy clients stay that way?

In this hoof-care guide, four respected farriers share their perspectives for tackling common issues that footcare professionals face. They’ve shared their experiences to help you avoid the hard lessons they’ve learned developing successful practices.

These highly-respected hoof-care experts will share...

  • Four lessons on toe mechanics to consider for your footcare strategy.
  • How thinking ahead can be your most valuable when dealing with distortion and potential lamenesses.
  • Three critical considerations to promote positive relationships through communication and respect.
  • What steps you should take in considering hiring, grading and firing clients.


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