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Modifying Keg Shoes Cover

Modifying Keg Shoes ($12.95 value!)

This 48-page report brings together the best stories about modifying keg shoes to ever appear in the pages of American Farriers Journal. Featuring expert advice from Hall Of Fame shoers like Danny Ward, Bob Skradzio and Lee Green, this lavishly illustrated report will set you down the road toward mastering this vital skill. It includes modifications for specific shoeing situations, as well as general tips to improve your forging skills. It's one of the most practical and useful reports ever produced by the staff of American Farriers Journal.

For over 40 years American Farriers Journal has been helping farriers just like yourself take control of your business, maximize your income and develop new revenue opportunities.

It offers you dozens of keg shoe modifications, compares different trims, shares ideas on when to use pads, what nails to use and much more. It delivers you the latest and most important hoof-care news and information from every corner of the industry. It arms you with knowledge to determine when to raise your prices, and by how much. It helps take the guesswork out of finding quality products at the best prices. And it provides expert advice to help you maximize your business and make more money…and a lot more.