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As a farrier, you are the first line of defense for issues associated with the foot. Unfortunately, there are clients who aren’t diligent about keeping their horses’ hoof care on schedule, nutritional needs properly met or in general can be very difficult to work with. 

Inevitably this leads to a variety of potential problems you are all too familiar with. Many times, however, these problems start out small and offer telltale clues at the early onset for how to best address them.

That is why we created a special Hoof-Care Management Report, Red Flags For Farriers. Order your copy today for only $19.95 and receive free shipping.

This incredibly detailed report features 62-pages focusing on an assortment of topics that farriers have reported as impediments to the success of their business, challenges in their everyday hoof-care work and threats to the health of their horses’ feet.

Designed for quick reference and easy reading, Red Flags For Farriers summarizes the best advice and most actionable ideas with a handy hit list of key “Farrier Takeaways” from each of these topic areas and more…

Are You Driving Proper Nails? — If you’re shoeing horses that are coming up lame, you must look for signs that your hammering is missing the mark. Steve Krause offers his top tips for ensuring proper nail hole position, selecting the correct nail, dealing with an objecting horse and matching your tools and supplies to your skills and nailing needs.

Recognizing Subtle Signs of Horse Discomfort — Your ability to better identify and address what could be causing discomfort with a horse will aid in educating the novice horse owner. We take a deep dive into this topic and offer plenty of tips for identifying a comfortable vs. uncomfortable horse, when to call in a vet for backup or how to use a radiograph to take out the guesswork.

Calling Out Nutritional Concerns — Poor nutrition and obesity can lead to more problems for the foot and overall horse health. Find tips for spotting nutritional concerns early, the most effective approaches to addressing nutritional deficiencies with clients, 5 key steps that your owners can take to avoid pasture-associated laminitis and detailed information on common causes of poor nutrition and how to address them.

Recognizing Different Types of Problem Clients — Identifying traits of problematic clients will help you determine which ones to keep. Bob Smith offers his advice for avoiding potential legal issues, obtaining speedier payment, dealing with unreasonable demands and improving communication.

Pick up your copy of Red Flags For Farriers today for just $19.95. The moment you do you’ll be better equipped to get your hands around minor issues early, BEFORE they escalate into major ones and take away from your practice and the horse's well-being.


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