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With yearling Thoroughbreds, University of Wisconsin researcher Scott Leibsle has found that offset carpal and fetlock inward conformation is associated with higher birth weights.
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Shoeing Feedlot Horses

Four veteran shoers share what they’ve learned about this challenging type of work
Shoeing feedlot horses can be more challenging than shoeing racehorses, show horses or trail horses. Most feedlot horses work constantly, in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Here's some advice from four experienced shoers on what you can expect in shoeing feedlot horses and the importance of different environmental and weather conditions.
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Should Farriers Lease Their Work Space?

One of the most important - yet often overlooked - aspects of shoeing, is the dangerous and difficult working conditions that farriers must endure. Of all the barns I've ever worked at, only two have made any effort to install the safety improvements I requested! At one large barn, I played electrician (since nobody else would) to install badly needed lighting for an area I often worked in. I received no assistance in this effort. In fact, while I was doing this electrical work, the 'jefe' was working on the barn-owner's sailboat.
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Farrier Basics

From A 49-Year Shoeing Veteran

California farrier Lee Green offers his advice when it comes to measuring for the right shoe, shoeing the horse and working conditions
Lee Green has been around horses and an anvil his entire life.
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The Perfect Apprenticeship!

Planning is the key to this close working relationship
The American Farrier’s Association has an apprentice program, which some potential farriers have tried. Many more work out apprenticeship agreements with veteran farriers with varying levels of success.
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