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Preventing And Addressing Hoof Flares

Identifying and correctly managing deformations are critical to keeping horses sound
Hoof flare is one of the most common issues facing farriers today. Yet as often as it’s seen, hoof flare is also potentially crippling to the horse. Recognizing hoof flare and treating it can be crucial to keeping your clients’ horses healthy and sound.
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The Effect of Laterality on Shoeing and Trimming

Horses tend to favor one side over the other, which has implications for hoof care and the farrier
Laterality is the term used to describe any animal’s propensity for using one side of the body predominantly and the preference for one limb over the other opposing limb. Put simply, we can call it “one-sidedness.”
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Common Hoof Beliefs — Uncommon Measurements

Digital imaging and measuring software present a challenge to six farriery adages
Humans seem to be drawn toward simplifying rules of thumb in all aspects of life. In farriery, such rules of thumb tell us that certain aspects of the hoof should be "balanced 50-50" or "align in a straight line" or "should be parallel."  Whether or not there are careful measurements to back up such statements, such assertions have a certain allure and "sound right" to many people. After a while, such beliefs become second nature to many practitioners.
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Making Sense Of Hoof Balance

Several theories and models are available, but knowing which principles to choose and when to use them can make the difference between soundness and lameness
Farriers understand the need to balance every foot they trim, yet hoof balance might be one of the least understood concepts in shoeing.
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Duckett Vs. Russell

Similar or not, comparing the hoof balancing ideas William Russell used almost 100 years ago and those advocated today by David Duckett have resulted in considerable confusion
Disagreement exists on many aspects of the science of farriery and some of the most heated debate has centered around principles of hoof balance. Recently two names have come to the forefront of this debate: Professor William Russell and Dave Duckett, a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.
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