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Shoeing for a Living

Horseshoeing’s Engineering Puzzle Charms Finger Lakes Farrier

Kirk Smith enjoys the challenge of balancing the horse’s system of levers and pulleys

Horses have been a staple in Kirk Smith’s life long before he started shoeing horses in Freeville, N.Y.

He always had horses while growing up in the small farming town of Clark in northeastern South Dakota. He cut his teeth working cattle part-time as a high school student and later during his summer breaks while attending Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Along the way, he broke and trained horses.

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Lameness In The Sport Horse

Connecticut vet reviews the more common issues you’re likely to see when providing hoof care for the “English” disciplines
Trimming protocols and choice of shoes vary for various riding disciplines. You don’t typically need reining plates, for instance, if you’re shoeing polo ponies. In similar fashion, certain lamenesses are more likely to be seen in horses used in one discipline than another.
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There's More Than One Kind of Heel Pain

Farriers face heel problems almost daily, but it’s important to understand that there are different causes, requiring different approaches
Navicular disease, navicular syndrome, caudal heel syndrome, palmar foot pain - regardless of the label, you've probably seen the condition. The chronic, shifting front limb lameness that causes the horse to look as though it is tiptoeing over hot coals is common to many breeds and disciplines.
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Research Journal

Researchers examined the relationship between hoof acceleration patterns and dynamic properties of the racetrack surface. Eight clinically normal horses with accelerometers attached to each hoof were galloped along a straightaway in repeated trials. Between each trial, the track was harrowed and water was added to change surface properties. After each trial, dynamic properties of the track were measured near each hoof print for several strides.
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