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Free At Last!

Turning a low-cost horse trailer into a shoeing rig lets this farrier use his truck for many other purposes
Several years ago, Dave Ferguson decided he no longer wanted to dedicate an expensive pickup truck 100% to shoeing work. As a result, the Cambridge, Md., shoer switched to a shoeing trailer that he could unhook when he wanted to use the truck for other purposes.
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Pat Burton
Local Association Spotlight

Farriers Ride to the Rescue After Rig is Stolen

Texan Pat Burton is the victim of theft, but finds out he has lots of friends
Texan Pat Burton is the victim of theft, but finds out he has lots of friends. It is often said that the farrier industry is like no other profession partially due to its close-knit nature. In May 2009, horseshoer Pat Burton received a reminder about this spirit.
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Eric Fischer
Shoeing For A Living

Delivering Good Work In The Garden State

Whether finding a specialized shoe or offering payment options, New Jersey farrier Eric Fischer caters to his clients
Just like unexplained delays and bottled tap water that per gallon costs 10 times as much as diesel fuel, an inquisitive stranger sitting in a nearby seat is one of those inevitable treats at American airports.
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 Ric Redden

Three Rigs, One System, No Missteps

A place for everything and everything in its place, plus workstations on wheels, make for maximum efficiency with minimum effort
If you think organizing one shoeing rig is a challenge, consider Red Renchin. He uses three pickup trucks for shoeing: A Ford F250 and two Ford F350s. The oldest is vintage 2001, the newest is a 2007.
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Red’s Cart Holds The Glue Together

Wisconsin farrier’s handy innovation keeps everything needed for glue-ons in one spot
When glue-on shoes became a regular part of his shoeing business, it didn’t take Red Renchin long to decide they needed a home of their own.
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Efficiency Counts!

Before having a new shoeing rig built, this farrier found it paid to work out all the design details on paper
WHEN RON MOTT started shoeing for money, his rig consisted of a home-made wagon pulled by a Toyota Tercel.
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