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AAPF/CAPF Announce Roy Bloom Scholarship Program

The American and Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers announced the scholarship program with the goal to encourage farriers to pursue continuing education by attending the International Hoof-Care Summit and participating in the AAPF/CAPF mentoring program.
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Fire Up That Forge

Hot tips for packing more heat into your shoeing work
There is probably no single piece of equipment that has changed how farriers do their jobs more than the portable propane forge. From shaky beginnings when they were seen more as a novelty, they have become virtually a necessity for farriers who want to hot fit and hot shoe away from their own shops.
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Proper Filing Extends The Life Of Nippers

That trusty pair of nippers you depend on so often will gradually dull with use, until one day you realize that you’re having a tougher time trimming the hoof wall than you should. It’s best to sharpen those nippers before that day arrives.

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Round Pritchel Won't Make Square Holes

But a quick fix-it can keep farriers working efficiently

A MISSHAPEN PRITCHEL that won’t punch clean nail holes can cause problems, such as holes that seize the nails being driven into a hoof wall.

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Keep Your Anvil In Peak Condition

Here are solid tips for keeping your anvil looking brand new and repair ideas to get long life out of this often overlooked piece of equipment
There's probably nothing easier to take for granted than your anvil.
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