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Farriers And Research: A Possible Role

Hoof-care professionals could unite to build a valuable database that could be mined for a variety of information
When a farrier has trimmed and shod hundreds of horses thousands of times, it stands to reason that he or she will have reached certain conclusions about how trimming a foot this way, or applying a shoe in that way will affect a horse.
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When You Need The Answers, You Will Find Them Here

The 2013 American Farriers Journal directory is the ultimate resource to hoof-care industry contacts. Use it to quickly locate reliable information you need about farrier-related products, services, people and organizations
When you’re working with horses, the tools you regularly use are never far from reach. This guide to the farrier industry falls into that category of tools for many hoof-care professionals. If you’ve never read this issue before, you’ll soon see why many hoof-care professionals reach for it time and again throughout the year.
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Signposts of the Hoof

An informal survey finds many different landmarks are used to guide hoof trimming
Just about all farriers and hoof-care professionals acknowledge that the trim is the foundation of good hoof care. There isn’t much argument about that.
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Useful Technologies for Therapeutic Situations

Anatomical knowledge and teamwork are vital, but knowing how to use these product types is important as well

Just about any equine veterinarian who specializes in hoof care or farriers who do a lot of therapeutic shoeing will tell you the thing they most rely on to do their work isn’t found in a toolbox, mounted on a shoeing rig or installed in a workshop or veterinary clinic.

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