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You and Your Horse's Feet

Understanding The Common Problems Of The Hoof And The Foot

Learning the basics can help novice horse owners get the help they need to head off minor issues before they become major
Many hoof problems are caused by the environment the horses' feet are subjected to, or inadequate nutrition or genetics. Some horses inherit thin soles, small feet, or crooked legs. In most instances, horse owners can prevent serious problems with good care - and with the help of a farrier to correct small problems before they become large ones.
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Day With A Clinician Delivers Helpful Hands-On Experience

A young farrier receives lesson in incorporating products unfamiliar to his farrier practice
Hands-on workshops and product demonstrations at clinics are commonplace in the farrier industry. What's more uncommon is getting a private lesson from a clinician. Sam Goderwis, a farrier from Burlington, Ky., won a day with Vettec's clinician Tab Pigg at the 2012 International Hoof-Care Summit.
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More Thoughts On Breakover

Hoof-care professionals talk about the topic often, but sometimes aren’t even starting from the same definition
Breakover. Enhancing breakover. Easing breakover. Changing breakover. It's one of the most frequently used terms in the farrier vocabulary. Everyone seems to have thoughts and opinions and - surprise, surprise - they often aren't the same.
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Hoof Supplements: Feeding the Foot

Diet has an important role in hoof health, but feed changes alone won’t solve all potential problems
What you feed your horse affects hoof health, but some horse owners take this concept too far. They fall into the trap of thinking they can resolve any hoof problem by feeding hoof supplements.
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Day With A Clinician

Program Enjoyed By Mentor And Student

FPD-sponsored Summit prize provides Indiana farrier with new experiences and exposure to new ideas
For the past several years, one of the door prizes at the International Hoof-Care Summit has allowed winning attendees to spend time with an experienced farrier and clinician of one of the event’s educational partners.
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