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Avoid These 3 Common Insurance Mistakes

Plus, find out when, what and how to insure your farrier practice
Are you adequately protecting you and your hoof-care practice? Chances are you’re not. According to the 2019 Farrier Bus­iness Practices Report, conducted by American Farriers Journal, the vast majority of full-time farriers (95%) have some type of medical insurance.
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Understand the 4 Facets of Wealth Management

Your money management skills are as important as your hoof-care services
Farriery and hoof care is such a unique and distinct form of self-employed business that it’s easy for us to think that many of the considerations of normal business owners don’t apply to our operations. Generally speaking, a farrier enters the trade in his or her mid-20s, spends the first 5 years establishing a business and reputation, then enacts a laborious “sprint” for the finish line over the next 35 years, attaining a low degree of “cash wealth.”
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Frank Lessiter
From the Desk of AFJ

What We've Learned About Part-Time Farriers

Every 2 years, we conduct the exclusive American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices Survey, which reveals the latest trends and statistics on how hoof-care professionals operate their businesses. In the latest survey published a year ago, part-time farriers represented 26% of the farriers that took the time to answer our 4-page, 70-question survey.

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Find the Coverage You Need

With the many nuances and risks of the farrier industry, a well-designed insurance plan is a business necessity, not a luxury
With a potentially high-risk career in an industry many insurance carriers know little about, it can be difficult for farriers to make sure they are properly covered.
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Legal Notes For Shoers

Employee Or Independent Contractor?

Make sure you know the differences when you arrange for on-the-job help.
In an effort to curb the high costs associated with keeping employees, many business people in the equine industry simply label their workers “independent contractors” instead of “employees.”
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Save Money With Insurance

Marry someone with lots of money and employment benefits! Or read on...
Like a lot of people, I’ve avoided the insurance system whenever possible, usually only dealing with it when I have to renew my auto coverage and shop for the lowest premiums. I know there’s a lot of legislation on the running and taxing of the insurance industry that I just don’t care to untangle.
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