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Red Flags for Farriers

Are you Driving Proper Nails?

If you’re shoeing horses that are coming up lame, look for signs that your hammering is missing the mark
While shoeing, nail placement can mean the difference between a well-shod horse and one that's lame.
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Lee Green

Nailing It Down!

Here are nailing and hammer tricks that have worked over the years for this veteran farrier

WHEN DRIVING NAILS, Lee Green relies on his fingertips to determine where a nail should exit the hoof. He says it’s a time-saving idea that he’s used effectively over the years.

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Striking A Blow For Long Hammer Life

Every tool we own is important and has a job to do. When shoeing, I think the most important one is the nailing or driving hammer. It gets the most use and should be as perfect as possible for each individual’s need.
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