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About Therapeutic Farriery

ThTherapeutic Farriery Covererapeutic Farriery: A Manual for Veterinarians and Farriers was written in the unique perspective of the late Dr. Yehuda Avisar who was a noted veterinarian and farrier who apprenticed for the renowned Charles Heumphreus at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University Of California-Davis. 

One of Dr. Avisar’s main objectives in writing the book was to establish a common language between the farrier and veterinarian with the goal of increasing the collaboration between the two groups for the advancement of both professions and the overall improvement in hoof care. 

The manual is well designed and makes good use of photos and illustrations. The combination of both text and diagrams make even the most complicated techniques clear and easy to follow. There are almost 300 photos and illustrations included in the 292-page hardcover book.

At first glance you could mistake it for a university level textbook, but you’d learn quickly it is surprisingly easy to read and understand. It cites more than 600 references all which are included in a list of sources which allows you to quickly find particular hoof information on a case-by-case basis.

The book is divided into five parts and eighteen chapters. It covers the foot, locomotion, the foal, farriery techniques and therapeutic farriery.

When you pick up your copy of this manual, you'll learn more about foot structure, hoof function, hoof conformation, hoof quality, locomotion, foot balance, hoof care in foals, therapeutic horseshoes, hoof-care problems and hoof care for specific foot disorders.

Therapeutic Farriery: A Manual for Veterinarians and Farriers provides the perfect balance of how-to instruction and easy-to-use reference. It's a reference manual every farrier, apprentice, student farrier and veterinarian should have on their bookshelf.

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