A Historical Look At Farrier Licensing

Know Where You Stand On Farrier Licensing

The entire 2005 farrier licensing series, as well as a recent four-part licensing series published by American Farriers Journal in 2015-2016, are available below for digital subscribers.

You'll find these articles essential to understanding current and past arguments for and against licensing, and the divisiveness of the issue among horse owners, federal and state government and practicing farriers. The thorough and balanced coverage will arm you with knowledge to navigate this controversial issue as you stand on the front lines.

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To read the entire 2005 series, as well as a recent four-part licensing series published by American Farriers Journal in 2015-2016, upgrade to a Premium Print+Digital Subscription now for only $10.

2005 Licensing Series:

  1. AFA Will Review Farrier Schools Nationwide
  2. Schools Give Survey A Mixed Reception
  3. U.K. Farriers See Benefits From 30 Years Of Licensing
  4. Guild President Rejects Proposal
  5. BWFA President Questions Proposal
  6. Task Force Member Understands Both Sides
  7. AFA Task Force Being Revamped With New Members, Focus And Name
  8. Wary Owners Eye School Survey As AFA Resurrects Licensing Issue
  9. North Carolina Shoers’ Association Looking To Rein In AFA Leadership
  10. AFA Minutes Reveal Little Of Plan For Training, Licensing
  11. Documents Reveal Secret Planning For Farrier Standards, Regulation
  12. Why I Oppose Regulation Of American Farriers
  13. Farrier Regulation, Licensing Officially Off AFA's Agenda
  14. "We Don't Want It!"
  15. Private Farrier Schools Form Separate Organization
  16. Selecting Shoeing Schools
  17. Choosing The Rigth Farrier School
  18. My Advice To Prospective Students Of Farriery, The Master Craft

2015-2016 Licensing Series:

  1. Are Farriers Losing Control Of The Footcare Game?
  2. Farrier Licesning, Still Divisive As Ever
  3. Are You Practicing Legally?
  4. Plenty Of Arguments For And Against Licensing

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