If you’re a paid subscriber to American Farriers Journal, you’ll receive a highly valuable “Hoof-Care Bonus Report” that is being mailed with your May/June issue.

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips” is a 52-page report that offers a collection of practical footcare advice from members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame.

Hall of Fame Farrier Tips

This 52-page report features a collection of practical advice from several members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame. Each was interviewed on various subjects they thought every farrier should know.

The AFJ editors asked 19 Hall Of Famers to reveal one piece of advice that they would want to share with other farriers. Calling on their many years of experience as hoof-care professionals, this was no easy task as each of these farriers could share valuable ideas that could fill hundreds of pages in a book.

The tips range from guidelines on trimming heels, taking time to measure every trim, building bar shoes without welding, adding traction, planning for retirement, hammering efficiencies and much more. In addition, we wrapped up the report by adding pearls of footcare wisdom from nine other Hall Of Fame members.

As an example of the valuable information contained in the report, Oregon farrier Gordon Haight says while there’s plenty of emphasis on forging and modifying store-bought shoes, it doesn’t make any difference if the foot is not trimmed and balanced properly. He explains why figuring out the best way to trim and shoe each horse comes from experience, working with thousands of horses and paying close attention to the anatomy.

This “Bonus Report” is just one more way we’re providing AFJ subscribers with solid tips, techniques and tricks to become more efficient in their footcare work. And it’s another great opportunity to learn from some of the best farriers in the world.

So make sure you check out the dozens of ideas you’ll find in this report when your May/June issue of AFJ arrives in your mailbox.

For non-subscribers, the 52-page report is available for $12.95 plus shipping and handling through the AFJ bookstore at americanfarriers.com. It’s a valuable report I’m convinced you’ll refer to time and time again during the coming footcare season.