I’m your farrier. I drive backroads every day looking for you and your horses. I argue with the GPS lady about which turns to make, how far to drive, and where to go next.

I touch hundreds of horses and I love them. This farrier thing is much more than my job, it’s my life. I do more than nail shoes on your horses' feet or trim away excess hoof. I train them, help them be confident, and assure them that life will be OK.

I’m the guy who is the first line against poor performance or unsoundness. I work hard to make your horse and you comfortable, sound, and happy.

I pet your dogs, play with your kids, and compliment your barn. I’ve helped you catch horses, worm them, give them shots, and not once did I charge you for these little extras. I’m happy to help.

My hands are scarred and rough, yet gentle and kind. Sometimes I bleed for you. My knees are pocked with hundreds of tiny nail holes and yet you never know if I hurt or I'm sore and stiff and tired. I would keep working under any conditions because this is more than my job or my work, it’s who I am.

I see happy, well-cared-for horses with bright sunny stalls and I see horses mired in muck and urine. I work with healthy, happy horses and horses who have given every ounce of their heart and soul for your pleasure. Sadly I also see horses that, through ignorance or neglect, are misused, abused, and unhappy. Some days I have to bite my tongue and some days I speak my mind about how you treat your horses.

I’m your farrier. I’ve watched your kids grow. I’ve seen your life bloom. I’ve been there when tragedy struck and when you experienced the happiness I wish for you always.

A warm or cool dry place with level ground is all I ask for most of the time. For your horses to stand quietly and to be paid on time.

When you think of me, think of the long hours, the hot days, the rain and wind, and think of the good things I’ve done for you and your horse.

Think of me as a professional. Think of me as a caring, sincere person who truly wants the best for you and your horse.

You’ve never paid me for the nails I drive or the steel I shape; you pay me for the knowledge I have. I thirst for that knowledge and I hunger to apply that knowledge.

I’m proud of what I do and my vow to you is this, I will try hard to be better tomorrow than I was today. I will first, do no harm and most of all, I'm your farrier.