This page lists material that supplements the MONTH YEAR issue of American Farriers Journal.

Lee Green AFJ podcast

A Conversation With Lee Green

(Supplement to the article "Breifings" on Page 8.)

Punching Nail Holes

Roy Bloom demonstrates how to size tools to punch nails:

Roy Bloom demonstrates punching extra nail holes in keg shoes:

Punching Extra Nail Holes In Keg Shoes (Video)

Steve Kraus describes how to get an extra reset when nail holes are worn out:

Worn Out Nail Holes Putting A Burr Under Your Saddle? 

Chris Gregory: The Highs And Lows Of Nailing

The Highs And Lows Of Nailing 

Royal Veterinary College Research Program

Is A Research Degree Necessary Or Even Possible? (Webinar) 

(Supplement to the article "Are You Punching Better Nail Holes?" on Page 34.)

From The AFJ Archives

Download a pdf of Donald Jones' December 1993 article "High Nails VS Low Nails

(Supplement to the article "From the AFJ Archives" on Page 58.)

Bob Marshall Heel Check

How To Forge Standard And Bob Marshall Heel Checks (video)

Forging By The Marshall Plan

(Supplement to the article "Learn How To Forge A Hall Of Fame Heel" on Page 60.)

Shoeing School Lawsuit

Federal Lawsuit (PDF File)

Why is Teaching a Crime? (Video)

(Supplement to the article "Shoeing School Challenges Law Restricting Admissions" on Page 72.)

Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise

2018 Summit Mail-In Exercise (video)

(Supplement to the article "Enter The Summit Mail-in Forging Exercise" on Page 76.)