This page lists material that supplements the July/August 2017 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Brian Hampson's Research Of The Feral Horse Hoof

(Supplement to the article "Trimming Significantly Changes Hoof Morphology" on Page 20.)

Shoeing For A Living: Ralph Hampton

  • Read the web-exclusive article "Marketing Yourself Pays Off" in which Ralph Hampton discusses the value of social media posts for his clients.
  • COMING SOON: Watch videos of Ralph Hampton offering business and marketing advice.
  • View a photo gallery of our Shoeing For A Living day with Ralph Hampton.

(Supplement to the article "Putting Service In Customer Service" on Page 29.)


Watch video of Jason Critton as he demonstrates some of the mechanics that he typically includes in shoes for equine athletes.

(Supplement to the article "A World Cup Education" on Page 42.)

[Videos] Farrier Quick Takes: Chad Chance

(Supplement to the article "Getting Reiners Through A Critical Year" on Page 56.)

Farriers' Roundtables: Contracted Heels

Gain more insight on the best way to trim and shoe a horse with contracted heels.

(Supplement to the article "Contracted Heels Usually Mask Underlying Problems" on Page 64.)

Selecting, Maintaining And Repairing Hammers

(Supplement to the article "Give Your Hammer A Face-Lift" on Page 72.)


Watch Jim Quick demonstrate how to forge a heart-bar shoe.

(Supplement to the article "Metallurgy: How Much Do You Need To Know?" on Page 90.)

Farriers Spotlight

View all of the farrier tributes we received for the 19th Annual National Farriers Week.

(Supplement to the article "Thank You, Farriers" on Page 106.)


Read more advice on therapeutic shoeing from John Samsill.

(Supplement to the article "Recipe For Success As A Therapeutic Farrier" on Page 112.)


Read how other issues like conformation or rider error often result in the farrier being blamed.

(Supplement to the article "Ideas For Improving The Perceived Value Of Your Farrier Practice" on Page 116.)