3 Common Questions Students Ask After Graduation


After graduating from a farrier school, you will be faced with challenging situations that don’t always involve easy solutions. Former students often seek my advice on how to handle various scenarios.

Here are 3 of the most common questions that students ask after graduation.


I received a call from a potential client who said they have a lot of horses, but they want me to discount my prices. Should I discount my prices for this account?


 Of course you can do whatever you wish in your own business; however, there are things you should consider before discounting your prices.

You are telling the client that your value as a farrier is that you are cheaper than anyone else. You are not being hired for your competency as a farrier, which means that you will be “fired” if they find someone cheaper and/or if you attempt to raise your prices.

Providing discounts tells clients that your value is in the price, rather than your work.

Avoid deals in which you shoe a trainer's horse for free in return for servicing his or her barn.

Own your mistakes when you drive a bad nail or trim too much off the sole. 

Discounting price is usually a marketing plan for companies that have the capability to do…

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Bob Smith

Bob Smith is a Hall Of Fame farrier and owner of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in Plymouth, Calif.

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