Hoof Trim, Design and Placement of the Wooden Shoe System

The guidance of good radiographs is invaluable in providing the vital information for formulating a shoeing prescription to realign the displaced phalanx. Theoretical lines of heel removal to achieve a more normal relationship of the third phalanx and the ground can be plotted; however, caution should be exercised in all trimming as to not invade sensitive tissue.

Trimming Guidelines

The entire surface area of the sole needs to be trimmed and cleaned to achieve as flattened an area as practical for shoeing. As much necrotic debris as possible should be removed from the toe region and painful areas noted. As in all shoeing systems, the hoof trim is of paramount importance in the success of the shoe. Trimming begins by finding the true apex of the frog and trimming the bar and heel region to align the heel sole region (plane) parallel to the frog sulci. This will allow realignment of the distal phalanx with the ground surface.

The trim allows sole impression material to passively load the palmar foot in a way to mechanically, a-traumatically load this region and possibly promote the hydraulics of the hemodynamic system. Too much sole/frog (as well as too much impression material) will not allow the transference of the ground force/weight force interaction as a driving force to compress/decompress the sole and promote hydraulic vascular flow. The trim should never add to the patient’s pain and should allow a protective amount of viable sole to remain.

The palmar hoof is normally recruited to share…

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Micheal L Steward

Micheal Steward, DVM, is an International Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame member and is based in Shawnee, Okla.

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