Think You’re Safe From Being Sued? Think Again!

Not only do you have to protect yourself from being sued, but you may be held responsible for your apprentices or students even when you’re not supervising them


A day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about somebody being sued. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear about a big tobacco company settling a billion-dollar lawsuit out of court. Flip on the TV at night and you’ll likely have to choose between a sitcom or a lawyer-based drama involving big-dollar court proceedings.

And don’t you dare make anyone mad at you...or you may get sued! 

Don’t like the way you’re treated at work? Well then, sue them. 

Did you get into an accident that wasn’t your fault? Sue them. 

Forget about compassion and forgiveness...let’s talk about punitive damages and money!

As farriers, you may have already come across this darker side of today’s society. With equine populations on the rise and with more and more money being spent on caring for these horses, an owner may be quick to point fingers and demand restitution when something goes wrong with their asset.

It’s already happening.

Don’t be caught off guard by thinking you’re safe from litigation. In fact, you may be more responsible than you think.

A Recent Case

Sometimes even if you think you’re clear of any wrongdoing, you’re not. That’s what a farrier school owner found out last summer.

In this particular case, the farrier school owner was sued along with a student in small-claims court.

The student, only 2 days away from graduating from a 12-week shoeing course, was called to an owner’s barn to shoe an English Pleasure show horse after school hours…

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