Save Money With Insurance

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Like a lot of people, I’ve avoided the insurance system whenever possible, usually only dealing with it when I have to renew my auto coverage and shop for the lowest premiums. I know there’s a lot of legislation on the running and taxing of the insurance industry that I just don’t care to untangle.

However, a full-time farrier from Wisconsin (we’ll call him Jim) has decided to do just that for you.

Get A Good Agent!

OK, so Jim didn’t learn the tax code overnight either. He’s had a lot of help managing his finances from his sister-in-law (we’ll call her Sue), who’s an insurance agent and is as comfortable in the insurance world as he is under a horse.

“People are missing out on a lot of money-making ideas,” Jim says. “My recommendation is to work with someone you trust, so you can spend your time doing what you do best—shoeing horses.”

According to both of them, the keys are getting a good agent (one that’s diversified and doesn’t focus on just one type of insurance), starting these plans early and putting everything you can into them so you can make more money rather than spending it.

While a lot of farriers seem to think that insurance is hard to come by in their profession, that’s not true at all according to Jim. “Farriers are just self-employed people as far as the insurance industry is concerned,” he says. “The only place they might have any trouble at all is…

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Christy West

Christy West is a freelance writer and the Web site editor for The Horse. She is also a former editor of American Farriers Journal.

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