Operate Your Business By A Code Of Ethics



Every professional needs to operate their business by a code of ethics. Just like in life, the decisions that you’ll face as a business owner won’t always be easy to answer. Your ethics will guide you in making decisions when the answer isn’t simple.

Many of the choices you will make on a daily basis isn’t always a right or wrong answer. These are the times when your code of ethics can help guide you.

Survey Shows Complexity

We asked farriers via an exclusive email survey to comment on ethical dilemmas that could occur in hoof-care work. More than 140 hoof-care professionals took a few minutes of their time to share their thoughts on how they would deal with each of these entirely different ethical situations. Although the scenarios presented here deal with a certain point in their career or working with a specific discipline, the complexity is common to ethical dilemmas.

A code of ethics should guide your business practices.

Ethical dilemmas can be complex, with no universally correct answer.

These scenarios show tough challenges farriers may face.

Each of the ethical dilemmas are described in detail here along with a summary on how these farriers indicated they would deal with these troublesome situations. As you will see from the survey results, there are no easy answers to these three ethical predicaments.

The consensus of many participants of the survey was summed up by a comment from one farrier:

“If it isn’t ethical, I’ll bail out of the case…

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