No Show, No Shoer

Wisdom shared from the archives of American Farriers Journal

Dealing with customers who are late or who do not show up for their scheduled appointment is a common issue for many farriers. The root of the problem usually boils down to the farrier’s lack of effective communication, policies and confrontational skills.

Many farriers choose to say nothing to their customers in hopes the issue will go away and will not happen again. If the problem continues, they can become frustrated, resentful and feel taken advantage off. Customers feel the same way when they have to deal with unprofessional farriers who are late or do not show up for appointments and never bother to pick up their cell phones and call.

Here are a few recommendations to help you effectively manage your customers who push your scheduling and time management limits.

Establish A Policy

It’s easier to start fresh with good habits then trying to change the old bad habits. So, if you’re a new farrier, this is the ideal time to establish and begin enforcing Policy and Procedures (see “Laying Out Your Ground Rules — Respective Responsibilities,” American Farriers Journal, September/October, 2009,).

For all farriers, it will be easier to implement new policies with new customers. However, it is never too late to start implementing a new policy for no-show or late appointments with established customers. Make sure all your customers know of your policy. Display it in your farrier rig. Place it on the back of your business cards. (“To avoid paying for a missed appointment, a…

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Esco Buff

Esco Buff, CF, APF, is a farrier in Web­ster, N.Y., and holds a PhD in bus­iness administration. He is a member of the Interna­tional Horseshoeing Hall of Fame.

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