Two Reasons For Egg Bars

How, when and where to use this valuable shoe

By definition, an egg bar is a shoe where the branches are connected to make a horseshoe look like an egg.

There are two major reasons for using this shoe:

  • Provide more posterior support.
  • Add more posterior flotation.

Why The Shoe Works

Several shoes can meet both of these shoeing needs and an egg bar is one of them. The rounded bar extends the ground surface of the shoe while adding flotation due to the greater ground surface created by the bar.

As a result, an egg bar increases posterior support as well as posterior flotation. The mechanics behind these two actions provide a strong clue as to why an egg bar will benefit the horse by increasing the amount of support and flotation in the heels.

With a barefoot horse, the frog is located directly on or very close to the ground, where it can support the animal’s weight. A barefoot horse has considerable flotation in the heel from the frog, but the amount of flotation is no more than what is provided by natural support since the support ends at the back of the frog.

When To Use Egg Bars

Look for conditions that will be helped by increasing flotation and support in the heel area.

Start by looking at the horse’s conformation before asking the owner if the horse is lame. The first duty of a good farrier is keeping horses sound instead of fixing them after they go lame. Fixing a lame horse makes the farrier…

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