Test Aluminum’s Heat Before Working With It

Aluminum holds its heat well, but are you working it at the correct temperature?

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Aluminum stock remains a popular choice for a variety of horses, primarily due to its lighter weight. Another advantage is that aluminum can be shaped hot or cold. While the typical thinking might be that racing plates and lighter shoes will be shaped cold, and heavier aluminum shoes like those used for hunters and jumpers will be put in the forge, that also proves to be a matter of personal preference.

Most farriers who work with aluminum have a process of checking the stock heat, usually a time count and test the heat by drawing the handle hammer across it. For example, if the resulting mark quickly burns away or is badly smeared, the metal is too hot for shaping.

So experience tends to guide the farrier when it comes to determining when aluminum stock is at an appropriate temperature to work with. However, an old blacksmith trick learned years ago led one farrier to study a more precise way to determine that temperature.

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