Online Extras: November 2015 Issue

This page lists material that supplements the November 2015 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Remembering Red Renchin

Read more stories and memories of Red. There's a comments section at the bottom of the memorial page to add your own memories of Red.

(Supplement to the article "Remembering Red Renchin" on Page 24.)

Most Farriers Skeptical Of VEPG

Farriers from around the country are concerned about the development of the Veterinary Equine Podiatry Group. Find out their concerns about this and more.

(Supplement to the article "Farrier Licensing, Still Divisive As Ever" on Page 26.)

Standardbred Footcare From Scandinavia

Get insight on some of the different shoeing ideas Conny Svensson has brought from Scandinavian style for how he shoes harness horses in the U.S.

(Supplement to the article "Before The Big Race, It's Business As Usual" on Page 30.)

Videos: James Gilchrist's Farrier Practice

• Making His Way Through The Farrier Business Ranks
• Introducing Multi-Farrier Practice Teamwork To New Clients
• Mutual Confidence In The Vet-Farrier Relationship
• Establishing Protocol To Manage Variables In Farriery
• Procedure For Diagnosing A Horse

(Supplement to the article "Considerations For Launching A Multi-Farrier Practice" on Page 34.)

Farrier Quick Takes (Todd Gillis): Dealing With A Second Hoof Wall

Watch a video of how Todd Gillis trims and shoes Beamer, a Quarter Horse with a swollen left front leg (twice as large as the right) and…

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