Creating an Ideal Work Space

Farriers offer tips for encouraging novice owners to provide a safe, comfortable and efficient shoeing area

For me to provide them with my best, I need those criteria …

When taking on a new client, particularly one who is a novice, the farrier often becomes a teacher. Among the educational moments that you will face is your work area.

“We try to educate new owners,” says Dave Dawson, an Uxbridge, On­tario, farrier. “After you’re established in the industry for awhile, you generally come to the point where you interview potential new clients to know whether you are going to work for them — depending on what they want and what they are willing to provide.”

That’s not a luxury or privilege that often is afforded a less experienced farrier.

“The farriers starting out in the in­dustry will take any client,” Dawson says. “Many horse owners get away with not providing what they should for their farriers.”

Communication Is Key

This might be a way to try to educate the client by putting the shoe on the other foot.

“When you look around at a place, if they haven’t provided a good working area you have to question their judgment,” he says. “Would they like to work in that kind of environment? It comes down to communication, and your relationship with the client.”

Burlington, Wis., farrier Kendra Skorstad agrees that communication is the key to swaying the client.

Farrier Takeaways

Communication is key to convincing novice clients that your criteria for a good working area best serves their horse’s hoof care needs.

Focusing on work-area safety for…

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