Go Digital To Manage Your Farrier Practice

By American Farriers Journal Staff

A farrier practice is a business — that is no surprise. As professionals, practitioners have a responsibility to maintain accurate records, schedule properly, bill and receive payment promptly, and track performance. At the same time, farriers also should keep records on clients and the type of work conducted on their horses, including photographs of the feet or radiographs shared by veterinarians.

As you build your practice, you likely will gain dozens of clients, and details on their specific horses and any long-range measures and goals can be difficult to recall.

Accurate notes on horses must be accessible at all times, as farriers never know when a client might call with an issue. Having crucial information about the horse in hand, rather than sitting in a file cabinet, saves time and money.

Professionals, such as veterinarians, like to work with other professionals and often will recommend those who appear more professional, as it makes them look better to their own clients.

Handwritten notes can still manage a practice, but proper use of computer technology can improve efficiency and professionalism, while ensuring the accuracy of accounting and record keeping.

Move Beyond Handwritten

Using software portrays you as a stronger hoof-care professional.

Keeping records can help you in a dispute with a client.

Mobile payment devices can help you collect payments for quicker cash flow.

Starting out as a farrier, you should consider skipping pen and paper and manage aspects of your business with software. Farriers of the…

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