A Case For Professionalism

AFA members need to embrace the organization’s mission to ensure a solid future

Periodically it is important to reflect on what it is we are, and where we see ourselves going.

What is the real purpose of a non-profit organization like the American Farrier’s Association (AFA)? It is easy to become single minded and forget that the “mission” is multifaceted and not just about that one thing we personally choose to focus on. While there is nothing wrong with focusing on what is important to you­—such as certification or competition—you must also keep in mind that the mission is much broader and hopefully grander!

AFA Mission Defined

Take a look at your copy of the “AFA Mission Statement.” (Copies are available from the office if you don’t have one.) The gist of it is: “To further the professional development of farriers through continuing education...”

Some 40 years ago, we all believed the government could take care of our needs, if we only sent in enough tax dollars. We know better now. Take it from a Californian who has had to break out the old kerosene lanterns to keep the electrical bills down and keep the fire lit all day to warm the house.

Non-profit organizations are now central to American society and are one of our best distinguishing features. In many cases, they pick up where government falls short and provide services for target groups by employing those best qualified from within those groups to further a mission.

Danger On The Horizon

Today more than ever, the farrier industry needs to come together…

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