To Allow you and others in the shoeing industry to get involved with the American Farriers Journal’s 25th anniversary celebration, we’ve come up with a neat idea.

It’s an idea that will be exciting to be involved with, should result in a one-of-a-kind beautiful craft project and provide injured farriers with much needed financial aid.

Quilting Fun And Funds

To accomplish this, we’re putting together a 25-year commemorative quilt and are asking members of the farrier industry, spouses and others to help with this project. Since we know there are many quilters in this industry, we’re asking all you crafts people to provide a unique square we can sew together into a beautiful queen-sized quilt.

If you’re not a quilter but know someone who would like to be involved, let them know about this project.

As a long-time quilter, I know this will be lots of fun and the result will be a one-of-a-kind beautiful quilt that can never be duplicated!

Next winter, the quilt will be auctioned off in late February in California and the proceeds used to help injured farriers through the Jim Linzy Fund.

Help Farriers In Need

Over the years, The Jim Linzy Fund, named after an Arkansas horseshoer who was murdered in his shop, has provided valuable financial aid to a number of injured farriers.

"We normally don’t give money directly to an injured farrier, but instead provide a local farrier association with funds to hire and pay the travel expenses of a clinician to put on a clinic for members and non-members alike,” says Lee Green, a Jim Linzy Fund leader, a farrier and the owner of The Shoein’ Shop in Yucaipa, Calif.

“The local association can promote and build enthusiasm for the event,” he says. “ By having the Jim Linzy Fund pay for the clinician and travel expenses, the local organization can then turn over all the earned funds from the clinic to the injured farrier.

“This is an excellent way to raise funds for injured farriers. It allows the local organization to get involved and has resulted in a considerable amount of financial aid for injured farriers.”

What You Need To Do

To play a key role in this American Farriers Journal 25th anniversary quilt project, note the the following:

1 Provide one or more 10-inch squares for this quilt. These squares can be machine embroidered, hand embroidered, appliqued or quilted in any fashion.

2 Use 100 percent cotton fabric such as calico or muslin for your base.

3 Feel free to use any colors in your quilt square.

4 The use of farrier association logos and equine themes are highly encouraged.

5 The deadline for finished quilt blocks is Dec. 1, 1999. However, you certainly can send completed squares prior to that date.

6 The squares will be sewn together, backed and quilted prior to the American Farrier’s Association annual convention next February in Ontario, Calif.

7 The finished quilt will be displayed at the AFA convention and sold at the annual auction with the proceeds going to the Jim Linzy Fund for needy farriers.

8 Ship your finished quilt blocks to: Alice Musser, Advertising Manager, American Farriers Journal, P.O. Box 624, Brookfield, WI 53008-0624. Or UPS them to me at: 245 Regency Court, Suite 101, Brookfield, WI 53045.

If you have questions or suggestions about this project, please call me (800) 645-8455 or e-mail me at mussera@

Happy Quilting!

It’s going be plenty of fun and result in a beautiful commemorative quilt for the farrier industry which you will certainly be proud to have taken part in creating. Just as importantly, it’s a project that will help raise funds for a needed cause.

BE PART OF A COMMEMORATIVE FARRIER INDUSTRY QUILT. A veteran quilter, American Farriers Journal Advertising Manager Alice Musser is organizing a commemorative quilt to recognize the farrier industry on this magazine’s 25th anniversary.