Time-Saving Efficiency Tips from Over the Years

Wisdom shared from the archives of American Farriers Journal

In the 35 years since the first issue of American Farriers Journal was published, there have been many advances in farriery and hoof care.

In the January/February 2010 issue, we began the celebration of our 35th anniversary by recalling some of the top tips in forging. In coming issues, we will continue to share some of the farrier insights that have appeared in the magazine’s pages. This issue will showcase solid advice for maintaining and improving efficiency.

1. “Personally, I like to pick up the foot, pull the shoe, trim into a flat, level plane and go to the next one. All four feet are trimmed before I go to fit them. I want to take the time to do it right — one foot at a time — rather than going back and needing to retrim the foot. I use each of the tools I’ve brought to the horse only one time.”

—Lee Green, Yucaipa, Calif., 2004

2. “Rely on three types of hammer blows when forging. Wrist blows should be used for light and very accurate work. Elbow blows should be used for more powerful, but less accurate work. Shoulder blows should be used for maximum power.”

—Charlie Orlando, Belmont, N.Y., 2003

3. “When it comes to using pro-pane forges more efficiently, keep the metal from getting too hot. Not only will it scale more, but overheated shoes are easily overworked and nail holes will be distorted. While this isn’t a big problem, it does cause more work…

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