Jacks Of All Trades

Using tools such as stall jacks and hoof stands provide portability, versatility and ease the physical toll that shoeing takes on your body

Let’s say you’re performing your daily shoeing work and you’re at a location where it’s tough to pull your rig close enough to where you’re working. And let’s say that you need to do some minor fitting adjustments to a shoe that you’re just about to put on a hoof. Do you really want to set the hoof down, come out from under the horse, walk all the way to your rig, make the required shaping adjustments with a few hammer blows and then walk back to the horse and hope it fits? 

What if the shoe then needs a little more adjusting? Are you going to repeat the process and walk all the way back to your rig once again? Or are you going to bang the shoe on the ground until you achieve a proper fit? Of course not. 

Farriers are always searching for ways to maximize their time, make their jobs easier and do it in a professional manner that doesn’t compromise the quality of their work. More and more, farriers are turning to lightweight, yet sturdy portable items such as stall jacks and hoof stands as an additional aid to help in their everyday work. 

And although each product serves a different purpose, they all have common features that are of the utmost concern to shoers — they are portable, time-saving, easy to work with and can make a farrier’s daily job easier, even to the point of extending one’s shoeing career.

Stall Jacks — Portable

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