6 Steps to Higher Clips

If you need a high clip on a shoe, try using a ball-pein hammer to shape it.

Here are a few tips for making a shoe with high clips:

1  Measure out a little more metal to allow for the extra height.

2    Use a heavier ball-pein hammer. The one I use weighs 2 1/2 pounds, including the handle. Lighter hammers require more strikes to get the same result and increase your chance of making mistakes.

3    Stance is important. Try to align yourself directly over the part of the shoe you’re striking. Keep your elbow close to your side for more control. Lock your wrist to help direct the metal properly.

4  More heat is better. When trying to move metal with a small object, don’t be afraid to take a couple of heats.

5  Grinders, rasps and belt sanders can be used for finishing touches.

6  When using a thick pad with a shoe, you’ll need a high clip to hold it in place and take the strain off the nails. High clips also help eliminate shearing.

By just using the ball end of the hammer throughout shaping, you have an option in forming the height of the clip. I seldom hit the shoe in the same spot twice, but you learn to compensate and hide any major flaws. Just keep in mind that the object is to obtain a functional clip. It takes plenty of practice to get it right. 

compensate and hide any major flaws. Just…
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