Hoof Point Shows Way To A Simple Solution To A Crippling Problem

High inside heel on hind hooves connected to lamenesses, other problems

Have you ever wondered why, in spite of bodywork, veterinarian visits, X-rays, other diagnostics and regular hoof care, you still run across horses that seem mysteriously lame or lack power, balance and/or comfort in the front end and/or the hindquarters?

I’ve wondered the same thing. After a lot of observation and thought, I also wondered if problems of this kind just might have a common underlying factor, and therefore a common solution.

I started looking more closely at horses and more objectively, too. After a lot of investigation involving hands-on work, research, discussion with others and watching all kinds of horses doing all kinds of things, I noticed something and put it to the test.

And I found that a simple adjustment in the trim of the hind hooves eliminated this “mystery lameness” for nearly every such horse I trimmed. The best part is that I also learned of a telltale point (similar to those used in acupressure) that indicates when a horse has the need for this particular trim adjustment.

The Hoof Point

I’ve been calling this point the “hoof point.” It has not been identified to me by any acupuncturists, but it is somewhere near BL 30. This hoof point is a pressure point in a “hole” near the top of the hindquarters, on each side of the horse. It is very reactive in many horses. When you press a blunt-pointed object on it, the affected horse flinches, or the muscle tissue around the point twitches. In fact…

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