What Current Hoof-Care Thinking Means To Your Shoeing Business

Fully understanding what has been done in the past and what's being done today in research circles is critical to dealing with the hoof

Readers of American Farriers Journal know that being informed about past and present hoof-care theories is an important part of a professional farrier business. There is no shortage of educational opportunities, as conventions, clinics, videos, Web sites, Internet bulletin boards and publications all offer many opportunities to keep up with the latest advances in hoof care.

But how can we filter the masses of information? Seeking to understand the whys behind the various practices and theories is one way to evaluate these options. When we ask why we do things a certain way, some basic facts emerge. 

Much of what we do in shoeing has never been systematically tested or scientifically proven effective. Yet as new trimming and shoeing theories emerge, we often subject them to a rigorous critique while failing to re-examine our customary practices under the same lens.

When clients ask about the relative merits of various therapeutic options, how prepared are we to respond? One way we can sharpen our assessment skills is to consistently re-evaluate why we do what we do.

The average horse owner is unlikely to know enough about hoof-care theory to be able to evaluate most of the information available today. As a result, they rely on you, their hoof-care expert, to help educate them.

Staying Up-To-Date

You can increase your shoeing business income by being able to describe and compare various shoeing, trimming and hoof care regimes. Valuable information may not always be “new” and may only be a restatement of earlier…

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