You Know You're A Lady Shoer When...

Here are some novel things this Ontario farrier has discovered

  1. Someone is talking about diamonds, and you assume they mean nippers and not stones.
  2. Your boyfriend gets in your shoeing truck and says it smells, and you say it smells like money.
  3. The only apron that you put on has pockets for your hoof knives.
  4. You are at the beach and you have the best looking legs there, along with the ugliest bruises.
  5. When someone mentions eggs, you think of forging a pair of egg bar shoes.
  6. Every time you study a piece of metalwork in a store, you think you could make it in your shop.
  7. You get more excited going into an auto parts store than having your boyfriend take you to a fancy restaurant.
  8. You take your “light” 90-pound anvil on the road and leave the l20-pounder at home in the shop.
  9. When the checkout guy at the grocery store asks if you need help to carry the groceries, you just laugh.
  10. Your bedtime reading consists of American Farriers Journal and not Cosmopolitan magazine.
  11. Getting dressed up means you take off your baseball cap and putting on clean Wranglers and shoes without steel toes.
  12. Your hands always smell like a hoof regardless of what kind of hand lotion you try.
  13. Your ring size is l0, and you have callouses on callouses from forging.
  14. A shopping spree means a trip to the farrier supply shop to restock your truck.
  15. GE means the best nippers you can buy and not a new oven.
  16. Your boyfriend wants some snuggling and…
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