Modified Wooden Shoe Proves Effective in Chronic Laminitis Case

Addition of ethylene vinyl acetate provides an easily adaptable way to enhance mechanics and reduce concussion

A 3-year-old barrel horse had been treated previously for laminitis with the use of a dorsal wall and partial solar resection with a heart bar shoeing system. The filly was in extreme pain prior to the resection and shoeing, but worsened after the procedures. The owner got further help from a referral center, where a second farrier applied wooden shoes (Steward Clogs) to the front laminitic feet (Figure 1).

The laminitis had been ongoing for 2 months and had progressed to prolapse of the left distal phalanx. A consultation was set up a week after application of the wooden shoes. The left was removed and replaced with a modified wooden shoe (Figure 2).

The shoe is a layer of plywood with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) on the ground surface. The pour-in sole packing was replaced with cotton impregnated with iodine, formaldehyde and Venice turpentine. The medicated cotton was applied in the prolapsed toe area to gently support, yet unload, the toe after the shoe has been troughed out. The medicated cotton was packed into the palmar foot for support. Normally, impression material would occupy this area, but the soreness in the foot required special consideration.

Tubes were applied to the dorsal hoof wall and extended to the prolapsed sole area to allow the owner to treat the solar prolapse with a medicated solution daily. No trimming was done to the foot (Figure 3).

The right foot was not changed at this time because the left foot was so painful the…

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Micheal L Steward

Micheal Steward, DVM, is an International Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame member and is based in Shawnee, Okla.

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