Toe-Weighted Shoes Take Time

Long-striding horses benefit from toe weights

Toe-weighted shoes are used with horses that may require a longer stride or more animation — mainly Saddlebreds, Walking Horses, Morgans, Racking Horses and some show ponies.

They can be used in conjunction with pads for the higher-going horse or used with the flat-shod horse for gait enhancement.


READY TO GO. This keg shoe has been shaped and the toe weight is ready to be welded to it.


NOTHING NEW. Ward’s father made this shoe more than 30 years ago for a horse that needed a little extra help.

Tough Work

Modifying a keg shoe into a toe-weighted shoe can be done, but it’s a lot of work and not really practical when you are short on time. Widening the toe web can work with the momentum of the horse by lengthening the stride, but it is not considered a true toe weight.

If you shoe a number of horses that require this type of shoe, it’s best to stock machine-made or drop-forged shoes. For those farriers that do an occasional horse that needs a quick fix, there’s nothing wrong with welding a piece of metal (the same thickness) in the toe of a keg shoe. This method does not require a lot of mechanical ability but does produce a true toe weight and offers good heel support at the same time. It may be a cost-effective way of experimenting until the needed results are obtained.

Watch Sole Pressure

When welding a piece of metal into a shoe, fit the…

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