After 23 years of leading the advertising and marketing efforts for American Farriers Journal and the International Hoof-Care Summit, Alice Musser is officially retiring on April 30. Over the years, she has turned in a magnificent performance while working closely with farrier industry suppliers, magazine readers, Summit attendees and many others involved in the equine hoof-care world.

It is with both satisfaction and regret that we’re announcing that she is officially retiring at the end of April. Her goal is to spend more time with her three children and two grandkids, do some traveling and among other things get back to quilting, one of the hobbies she shares with a number of farrier industry players.

Alice will not only be missed by our staff, but by the many dear friends she’s made in the equine footcare industry. But knowing Alice, she’ll continue to keep in touch with the many personal friends she’s made over the years in this industry.

We wish Alice nothing but the best in retirement and look forward to hearing her share all of the great things she will be doing in her retirement years.

But we’re not finished yet — as our plans call for bringing her back for an extra special sendoff at next winter’s 13th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati to recognize the many contributions she has made to this industry. And she has assured us that she’ll continue to be involved to a limited extent with the magazine and Summit in the months to come.

Congratulations, Alice, on a job well done. You can be very proud of the key role you’ve had in the success and impact that American Farriers Journal and the International Hoof-Care Summit have enjoyed in continuing the education of farriers and suppliers.

Along with others in the equine footcare industry, we wish Alice nothing but the best.