Run A Business Like A Business

It’s a safe bet that you didn’t enter this industry because you enjoy business. Few business tasks are less appealing, or as necessary, than bookkeeping. 

Just as horseshoers have different styles and needs in their operations, accounting can be as simple or as complex as a person wants.

The Minimum

Before you figure out how to keep your records, you need to understand there is a minimum of which you need to document:

1. Client Information. This includes your clients’ names, addresses and phone numbers. Be sure to get home, cellular and work numbers from clients. If you use a computer, get their e-mail address, too. 

2. Horse Information. Here you’ll list the horses, their owners, when the horses were last worked on and what they will need next time. The latter will be important for when you need to bring equipment on the barn call the next visit. Be detailed about what you did with each horse, as it will help you provide the client with a detailed bill. You may want to include other information here, such as the client’s preferred veterinarian.

3. Income. For each client, list the money you have made, as well as what you are still owed. Be sure to record the dates for when you notified the clients of any outstanding bills.

4. Expenses. Detail how much you have spent on each job and on what items. Account for everything from the nails driven to the shoes used to pads or any other…

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