I have no problem with the cold wearing layers, Bibs and good boots. The problem is the horse owner holding the horses. To help them standing in the cold, I have a few different propane heaters to offer so they don't freeze to death:)

The more I work the warmer I get so I just go out and get through it doesn't matter what the temp is, we don't work we don't get paid.

Heaters!! Lots of heaters! We run 1 heater until it goes down to 25 degrees or feels like it. If its colder than that, we run 2. Remember, we do it for the horse. We heat from the rear to keep their hind legs warm first. We heat our tools, nails, and most of all, keep ole Dolly warm so she isn't bothered by the cold. They back into the heat like the fans in the summer. Everything we do, we do for the horse!!when the horse is happy, everyone is happy!! Oh, by the way: we benefit a little bit also. After it drops below 15, we stay or go home!!
—Todd Allen

As a friend used to say, "Embrace the suck!"
—Travis Morgan

LAYERS I wear layers 1 long sleeve T 2 sweat shirt 3 light vest 4 light jacket plus a hat This combo will get me through most days I also wear Best niti-flex gloves they keep your hands dry and have great dexterity
—Jerry J

For over 40 years I struggled with this. But at the 2014IHCS I am happy to introduce the Farrier Cozy; the first outerwear to be made specifically solve the majority of issues farriers have staying warm while still being able to move and mkf sweat and still be able to see the foot. New website launching this weekend. Check it out next week. www.farriercozy.com or better yet see us in Cincinnati for Summit special savings at booth 628.
—Martin Kenny

Here in the Northeast, I've found that it depends on what barn I'm going to & what I'm doing at that barn. I have several barns that are "warm" where I do winter shoes so I will go there if the temps are 10 degrees or below. However, I also have a number of clients that only have run-in sheds & horses are barefoot for the winter. It needs to be 15 degrees & no wind for me to go to those places! Fortunately, this time of year, no one is headed to a show or event so postponing the appointment for a couple of days is generally no big deal.

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