What is your preferred method of continuing education? Clinics? Competitions? Ride alongs? Or? How has this benefited your knowledge and ability?

For me, hands on clinics are the best way for me to learn and isn't that what CE is all about? You get to connect with experts in the field as well as other farriers who all bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I do not care how long you have been in the field, there is someone out there who can tweak what you have been doing or completely re-build it based on new knowledge and change your life and that of the horses with which you work. I canoot tell you how picking the brains of some of the best in the business has changed me and my work. At a clinic you can be hands on rather than just taking notes in a classroom. Thank you to the ELPO who broaden my world every time I attend a clinic/certification.

—Esther Cass

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