What is the most common modification you apply to keg shoes? What is the most unique and effective one you use in your practice?

round the toes on the front check for exspantion from the quarters back as well as interference on the backs usallly sraighten the medial and check for heel suport

My most common modifications to keg shoes is to braze-weld in a bar for heart bar or straight bar shoes.
—Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

Rocker Toe Variations

My most common modification is probably a rocker toe, enabling me to significantly change the point of break over without otherwise altering the shoe placement on the hoof.
—Mike Waldorf, APF, CF

Once I learned how to make pretty good modifications, I said "Okay, now I can BUY those already on the shoes." Saves my arm a lot of hammering! I did weld up an eggbar last week. I use oxy-acetylene.

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