Finding ways for farriers to always be consistent when evaluating laminitic horses was a key part of the spring clinic held at Centaur Forge in Burlington, Wis.

Consistency Counts When Laminitis Is Suspected

Find a method that lets you evaluate lame horses the same way every time

The equine veterinarian from Evington, Va., reminded farriers attending the recent Centaur Forge spring clinic in Burlington, Wis., that the early signs of laminitis often go undetected. Once the symptoms begin, the laminitic event is already in full swing, says the owner of AuroraSeren Equine, which is a transitional equine care facility offering a number of different laminitis treatment techniques.

For farriers, veterinarians and owners, Floyd says treating laminitis often seems like an unrewarding task. With many treatment options, drugs and over-the-counter supplements, it can become frustrating when attempting to develop an effective laminitis treatment plan based on solid science.

She says the many changes that occur with laminitis can indicate the severity or signal when improvements are being made. The key, she adds, is learning to identify these signs, as consistency in treating laminitis is critical.

Develop A Farrier Protocol

Based on more than 30 years of experience with laminitic horses, Floyd recommends that farriers develop a specific protocol that they follow each time they deal with a laminitic horse.

Here’s her suggested protocol for farriers to use when they deal with a suspected laminitic case:

1. Check out the horse. Look at the general…

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Frank lessiter

Frank Lessiter

Frank Lessiter has spent more than 50 years in the agricultural and equine publishing business. The sixth generation member to live on the family’s Centennial farm in Michigan, he is the Editor/Publisher of American Farriers Journal.

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