What is your strategy for managing your supply of horseshoes and other frequently used farrier supplies?

Do you order online?

Do you go to the supply shop?

How often do you purchase?

I have all of my supplies set up on shelves along a wall in my garage.  Everything is located at the front of the shelf... nothing behind something else. I like to keep at least two boxes of each type of shoe that I use. When I notice that I'm down to one box on several different shoes, I go down the line of shelves and make a list of everything that needs to be purchased.
—Mark Rikard

I normally try to buy the majority of what I will need, for the following year, in October at the supply shop's open house due to there being a 10% discount. Thru the summer I usually stop in every 6 weeks when I am close by. If I am at home and need something right away I order online and it is at my house the next day.

I keep every thing visible in my rig so I can plainly see if I'm running low on a certain size or style of shoe or nails or pads and I just make my list and call my supplier. I'm looking at getting a program that I can enter all my inventory and I punch in what I use each day and get it set up to give me warnings when items need ordered.
—Brandon Marczyk

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