What types of non-steel shoes do you use in your practice?

What types of horses/disciplines/cases do you use these with?

KB & Kerckhaert Aluminum I have been very pleased with over 20yrs!! Lightness & durability are the keys for me when price can be overlook'd!!
—Joepaul Meyers, CJF

When I have a need for something besides steel, I use the kerckhaert triumph aluminum line of shoes. As far as aluminum shoes go, they seem to be as durable as any others.
—Paul Skaggs

I use aluminum and urethane shoes on quarterhorses, TB's, Arabians, for a variety of reasons including therapeutic applications, gait alteration, protection. Disciplines include Hunters, western pleasure, dressage.

I use Epono glue on shoes on a draft that has to pull a wagon on bricks. The plastic shoe gives her great confidence and with the hoof packing her souls are very healthy. Did I forget to mention that I nail these on.

The plastic clog is my most used and preferred therapeutic shoe for ringbone or old chronic laminitis that is no longer sinking or rotating. The leverage reduction combined with sole protection is a home run on many of these cases. Also it is easy to glue and or screw on with the hoof on the ground which on a very sore horse makes the process go much more comfortable for horse and shoer.

I'm with Paul Skaggs for the same reasons. I am also learning to use rubberized glue on shoes for older horses and some laminitis cases.
—Cheryl Swayne

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