Ontario shoer Alicia Thompson has an opinion regarding rocker toes and how the horse is affected by its use. At the International Hoof-Care Summit, she saw a presentation that led her to rethink the subject.

She posted this question in the AFJ Farriers' Forum.

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It was suggested that the rocker be placed to mimic wear in old shoes. This has me trying to visualize how the limb would be effected by this on a circle or doing lateral work and to be honest I think I see less issues for the most part but am not sure.

I would really rather not experiment with this on my riding horse as he is very happy the way he is set up and doesn't like his set up changed so I am wondering if anyone here can tell me what they have seen, or think would be the effect of using an offset rocker.

— Alicia Thompson

If the horse is happy, don't change it! I would be inclined to use a rolled toe or a shoe like the equilibrium made by Mustad.
—Matt Hull

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